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close my eyes and let my feelings write

The love that I feel for you, cannot be described in human words. My love for you is more than the number 8… infinite. There are not enough footprints set in the world, that can make you feel how much I care about you. You can feel the love that I feel for you, when you feel my arms around you, when I look at you, when I’m right next to you.

In moments when sadness arises, I feel your love and your protection, I feel a love so pure. I feel a hug full of love, that manages to wrap itself around me like a soft loving sheet. Wherever you are and wherever you go… My love for you will always be there.


A relationship is the balance between wanting and giving, between love and hate, between happiness and sadness.

Sometimes as a partner you have to take a step back, to give the other more space. And sometimes you have to take a step forward ,to create more clarity.

But if your partner is not happy in life with you, is it imbalance in the relationship or is it misunderstanding.


He takes everything that is precious and dear to him into the future in his bag. Aiming for it to only get better. Because of his sadness, his pain, his sorrow, but also his happiness, his laughter and his pleasure that he leave in the past... By looking at the horizon...


At moments when I least expect it, you are actually there for me and have always been there. Grateful knowing in my heart that if I drop myself you will catch me. You take me in my arms and calm me down. You hug me so tight, that an invisible cloud of love arises around us. A cloud of love that heals all wounds.


Let me fade away your scars. Let me glue your broken pieces back together. Let me wipe your tears. Let me cherish you. Let me hold you for hours, for days, for years. Let me be your listening ear and let me be your support.

Let's say goodbye to the place that no longer serves you well. Let's go to a place where you always feel safe. A place where no one can hurt you. Close your eyes and slow your breathing. Let go of your surroundings and listen to the beating of your heart. Feel the love and energy within you. Fly away and think of nothing, just feel. Feel the love…

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