''How the divine created mixed with the human created''

Like a high-tensioner lonely in the horizon.

Surrounded by the trees 

Like a tree among all the trees in nature.


We are destroying the nature around us to create our own modern nature. The planet that once was a beautiful place full of nature.

Do we still not crave for our origin? 



Man has created his own reflection of water to see nature back in it,

but then in the modern way. 


The pure reflection of nature

The reflection of nature in its creation of skyscrapers

The sun can only hide the shadows until the evening comes. When the last rays of the sun are gone, the shadows come back alive again.



Straight ahead

All around

Everyone has their own way of seeing things. An example of what I was taught and what has stayed with me: ‘’Everyone sees their side of the tree’’. When you’re standing around a tree with a group of 5 people, and you aks each of them to make a drawing of the tree, each drawing will look different. While it is the same tree. Think of this example when you have a difference of opinion with someone, don’t defend yourself in the heat of the moment, try to understand someone’s side of the story, try to understand the motives of a person. And see what a difference this makes.

Is heaven above or below?

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You can still change the life you life on earth. You can always choose a different path to take. You can always create changes.


Once at the top, there is no going back. Everything has already happend… 

As they say: life your life in hell, you will end up in hell, life your life in paradise and you will end up in paradise. 

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The Society

In society you are put under so much pressure that your head is just above the water. You can just keep it up but it is so much that the flood is getting close, until you realize you have to make drastic changes.  The life you've worked so hard on, your job, your house, your family...


Then on the other side you have the people who are contrary, who fight back, who fight for their freedom and fight for the future. Who see a way in everywhere to grow and survive.