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Saying goodbye to your loved one...

In the distance between all the fallen warriors, I saw you laying

defeated on the ground... With a spear shot in your chest… I knew this would be the end for you.

As the leader and healer of the group, knowing that you are beyond saving... I can’t stop fighting in the middle of the battlefield.. Just to say goodbye to you. But I had to… I really had to... Because our love for each other was beyond this world. A love so pure and so magical that I can’t live with not saying goodbye...

Every time you touch me, it feels like a sheet of love is wrapped around my body. Every time we kiss, It feels like I’m floating in the middle of the world. Every time we’re making love, it feels like nothing exists but you and me. Every time we’re together, it feels like we are one.

The love between fellow warriors was deadly forbidden… it would distract you and you will lose your focus. But a love so pure and magical can’t be hidden and buried. For a love like this .. You will do anything for that love and you will literally walk through any battlefield for them.

The love we carry in our hearts for each other is extraordinary. Nothing beats pure love... The love is so powerfull.. So powerful that I pause in the middle of the battle.. For the last time.. To feel you in my arms.. I would literally give anything for that, even if it costs my own life. With all my strength and believe I stamped 3 times on the ground… The whole environment slowed down... There was a ball full of energy forming it’s way around me. I managed to gain time in the middle of the battlefield.. to see you, to hear you and to feel you... For one more time...

“My dear angel, you have to hold on, the battle is almost over. My love for you will always be there, I love you in infinity, in this life and the next.. and the next.” My eyes filled with water,

I looked at you and smiled at you. This is the last moment we have with each other... I can’t break down in front of your eyes.. I have to stay strong.. For you and for me.

I thanked you from my heart, I performed my ritual, which I did to every warrior when they were defeated. You can go my sweet love, go and find your rest. I’m very grateful for who you are, I’m very grateful that I was allowed to fight with you in this life. You are an honor for the team and an honor for me to be your loved one.

Promise me you’ll come... and find me again. Please find me.

With your last strength, you took my hand... you looked into my eyes, and said: My love.. I will carry you forever in my heart…. I’m always with you. Think of me and you will feel my love.

I touched your lips with my lips, while a tear felt down my cheek on your face… Our last longest kiss. a kiss full of love, a kiss that flows through my whole body.. A kiss I will cherish forever.

The moment you closed your eyes, I felt how your soul was

leaving your body. You are gone... you are gone now... The love of my life.. the love of my soul... Wherever you go, wherever you are.. You will always be my other part.

To be here... And feeling that you’re no longer here.. feels like

someone ripped out my heart, cut it in little peaces and put it back in my body.

As soon as it happends.. It became black before my eyes...I got up.. Looked around and screamed like a warrior. They... took... you... away... from... me..!!! Every single one of them will pay for this. Running thought the battlefield with my arrows ready to fire…

The fight begins now...


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